Marketing and Ecommerce Toolkit for Producers

Sell more tickets, gain more insights and improve marketing efficiency.

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Sell more tickets

Increase conversion rate by 20% by removing disconnect through the customer journey. Show customers exactly what they want with tailored calendars and seat maps.

Your show’s branding from start to finish

At every step, keep your customers engaged with your show’s unique branding, from calendar to checkout.

Get people talking about your production

Turn your customers into micro-influencers with personalised shareable content post-purchase.

Realtime insights
at your fingertips

Use our interactive dashboard for realtime reporting and demographic insights. See all your sales data in one easily accessible place.

Grow your mailing list to launch new shows

GDPR secure sign-up with the option to ask personalised questions. Attribute sales to pre-sale signups and build your mailing list across multiple shows. 

Drive more sales through the box office

Marketing efficiencies and reduced customer drop-off mean more tickets sold through the box office.

Another tool to offer producers

Producer360 gives producers enhanced ecommerce and marketing tools.

Your processes stay exactly the same

You continue to process all transactions and retain the same booking information. Checkout is fully GDPR compliant.

Bespoke seat maps

We support whatever you need, including socially distanced seat maps, inseat and 3D photography, table plans, and VIP packages.

We do the heavy lifting

Our tools sit on top of box office systems so we do the lion’s share of the integration.

Proven at scale and reduces load

We power large on-sales with ease and reduce load on your website.

Sell more tickets with higher ROIs

Improved conversion rates and clear attribution of marketing spend means you can optimise your return on investment and drive more sales.

Give your producers new tools

Expand your digital offering to producers by giving them access to new tools and reports. Show producers their branding from start to finish, and drive increased ticket sales.

Free up your time for creative marketing

New and quicker customer insights, means that marketing teams have the time and tools to carry out truly innovative digital marketing campaigns.

We enable a data-driven approach

Set up segmented purchase flows to enable powerful AB tests, and integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook, Lotame and more.

Producer360 enables us to sell tickets through our website without compromising on the show's branding. Being able to understand our customers more fully, group them into audiences and see sales real-time is game-changing for us

Sam Coley
Co-founder @ TickX


Marketing & Ecommerce

Purchase Flow Builder
Create custom purchase flows segmented by date, time or price.
Email Signup Builder
GDPR secure mailing list signup with personalised questions.
Audience Builder
Export and segment mailing lists to Mailchimp, Facebook and Google. 
Share and Refer Functionality
Personalised, engaging video content shared by your customers post-purchase.

Reporting & Analytics

Real-time Reporting
See real-time sales information including revenue, AOV and ATQ.
Audience & Performance Insights
Geo-data, demographic insights and seat trend analytics.
Import External Sales
Centralise your sales data from different channels into one place.
Analytics Integrations
Integrate directly with Google Analytics, Facebook, Lotame and more.
Big Data Export
Export sales and audience data, and integrate with power BI tools.

Branding & User Experience

Seamless User Experience
Remove customer disconnect from redirects, and see conversion increase of up to 20%.
Bespoke Branding
See your show’s branding every step of the journey.
Tailored Seat Maps
Supports in-seat photography, socially distanced seat maps and VIP packages.
Benefit from Future Features
We listen to you and continuously develop our toolkit with new features.
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